Thursday, May 14, 2015

Annbjørg Lien - Waltz with Me

Annbjørg Lien - Waltz with Me (2007)

"A heavyweight in the Norwegian folk music scene, Annbjørg Lien is an accomplished Hardanger fiddle player. The beauty of her music, combined with her international flexibility (evidenced by collaborations such as Tears of Stone with The Chieftains or the main theme from the soundtrack of the film Fargo), has meant she now enjoys world-wide popularity.

She’s also a member of the Norwegian folk band Bukkene Bruse and the international ensemble String Sisters."  (

01 | Riv rav ruskande (The Traveller)
02 | Sula Mountain
03 | Fela (The Fiddle)
04 | Home East
05 | Masques
06 | Waltz With Me
07 | Walking Strings
08 | Dansande ut alle år (Dancing the Years All Away)
09 | The Old Car
10 | Mother and a Son

Availability: Available on CD or in MP3 format in the U.S.

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