Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hedningarna - Karelia Visa

Hedningarna - Karelia Visa (1999)

"Hedningarna is a Swedish band, playing Nordic folk-rock.  'Hedningarna' is Swedish for 'the pagans' or 'the heathens'. They combine traditional instrumentation and lyrics - with occasional help from Finnish singers - and modern technology.  Current Hedningarna members are Hållbus Totte Mattson (lute, hurdy-gurdy, mandora, mora-oud, etc), Anders Norrudde (violin, hardingfela, moraharp, basmoraharp, stringed harp, swedish bagpipe, willowflute, cow- and goathorn), Magnus Stinnerbom (viola, hurdy-gurdy etc) and Christian Svensson (percussion and sampler)." (Last.fm)

01 | Veli (Brother)
02 | Mitä Minä (What Do I Sing)
03 | Alkusanat (The Beginning Words)
04 | Neidon Laullu (The Song of a Maiden)
05 | Ukkonen (Thunder God)
06 | Metsän Tyttö (Forest Maiden)
07 | Ståpäls
08 | Viima (Cold Wind)
09 | Heila (True Love)
10 | Vispolska (Song Polska)

Availability: Out of print in the US.  Physical CD available used on Amazon.  MP3 available.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Svanevit - Rikedom och gåvor

Svanevit - Rikedom och gåvor (2008)

"The tale of the Swedish folk music group Svanevit takes place in the here and now. It begins with four eminent Swedish folk musicians and their music. What they create is both new and modern and at the same time retrospective, drawing inspiration from the past. Each and every element of the music is filled with an anticipation and narrative zest that allows the tale to continue giving the sounds, magic and legends a chance to live on in our time." (Last.fm)

01 | Rikedom och gåvor
02 | Billinge
03 | När jag om morgonen
04 | Kardborren
05 | Lördagsafton
06 | Jubileumspolska
07 | Jungfrun och näcken
08 | Åleätarns vals
09 | Allt vad vi på jorden äga
10 | Enningers finaste
11 | Upp min tunga
12 | Bellmans vals
13 | Brist hjärta i stycken
14 | När som elden
15 | Tranan

Availability: Physical CD not in print in the U.S., but available new from Amazon nonetheless.  Also available in MP3.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Den Fule - Skalv

Den Fule - Skalv (1995)

"Den Fule (meaning “The ugly one”) was formed primarily from veterans of the 1970s Swedish folk rock scene. The band produced two albums through Xource Records in the early 1990s then disbanded. Their first album Lugumleik met with immediate critical acclaim and won the Swedish Grammy for “Best Folk Music Album of the Year 1993”. The album was described for the Swedish Grammy awards as a blend of jazz, rock, funk and traditional folk music." (Last.fm)

01 | Skalv
02 | Snäll
03 | Skägget
04 | Fly Med Mig
05 | Gammel-Husin
06 | Den Blå Slåtten - Ormslå
07 | Det Är Jag
08 | Munnharpevals
09 | Offerklippans Sång
10 | Koptespakte
11 | Jägaren och Älgen
12 | Rammeslåtten
13 | Pakt
14 | Storebackepolskan
15 | Vinge

Availability: Out of print in the U.S., but available used on Amazon.  No MP3 available.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swåp - Du Da

Swåp - Du Da (2005)

"Two Swedes and two Brits; two men and two women; two Nordic folk fiddlers and two traditional Celtic musicians. This is Swåp: the inevitable confluence of two distinct but related musical cultures. Their music moves effortlessly from Swedish polska to Irish jig, from Swedish “vals” to British waltz, with swinging arrangements, memorable original compositions, grace, respect and passion." (Last.fm)

01 | Dalpilen
02 | Fattig Änka
03 | Ian's Jävla Jig / Ian's Jävla Polska
04 | Blind Mattis Leken
05 | Midsommarvisa / Olas Nya Hus
06 | Kronbron
07 | Mäster Åslund
08 | Så Rider Jag Mej
09 | Brudpolska från Orsa efter Minu Per
10 | Ore Polska
11 | Se på TV
12 | Perrong Plask

Availability: Physical copy is out of print in the US, although it can be found cheap on Amazon.  MP3 available.