Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hedningarna - Karelia Visa

Hedningarna - Karelia Visa (1999)

"Hedningarna is a Swedish band, playing Nordic folk-rock.  'Hedningarna' is Swedish for 'the pagans' or 'the heathens'. They combine traditional instrumentation and lyrics - with occasional help from Finnish singers - and modern technology.  Current Hedningarna members are Hållbus Totte Mattson (lute, hurdy-gurdy, mandora, mora-oud, etc), Anders Norrudde (violin, hardingfela, moraharp, basmoraharp, stringed harp, swedish bagpipe, willowflute, cow- and goathorn), Magnus Stinnerbom (viola, hurdy-gurdy etc) and Christian Svensson (percussion and sampler)." (Last.fm)

01 | Veli (Brother)
02 | Mitä Minä (What Do I Sing)
03 | Alkusanat (The Beginning Words)
04 | Neidon Laullu (The Song of a Maiden)
05 | Ukkonen (Thunder God)
06 | Metsän Tyttö (Forest Maiden)
07 | Ståpäls
08 | Viima (Cold Wind)
09 | Heila (True Love)
10 | Vispolska (Song Polska)

Availability: Out of print in the US.  Physical CD available used on Amazon.  MP3 available.

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