Monday, August 4, 2014

Kerstin Blodig & Ian Melrose - Kelpie

Kerstin Blodig & Ian Melrose - Kelpie (2003)

I picked this album up at the Alma Highland Festival this past spring.  The CD was new when purchased, but some of the tracks contain glitches -- most notably #6, "Bedlam Boys / Bedlam Girls".  This is unfortunately an issue with the disc itself and not with the computer/software used to read the disc.  I have considered re-purchasing the album, but if this was an issue with recording rather than my disc I don't want to waste my money on it.  If anyone has a version of this track without glitches, I would love to know.

Blodig and Melrose have released other albums under the group name of Kelpie, though the Amazon listings for this CD attribute to them individually.

01 | Kråka
02 | Mine Viser
03 | Kelpie
04 | Halling fra Elverum
05 | Villemann og Magnhild
06 | Bedlam Boys / Bedlam Girls
07 | Sven Svane
08 | Guten og Mann / Fillefant Ril
09 | The Battle of Waterloo
10 | Paddy Goes to Tunesia
11 | Nelaugvatn Reels
12 | Polska efter Lars Orre
13 | Sumarnatta

Availability: Available in the U.S. on CD and in MP3.

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