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Harv - Direktör Deg EP

Harv - Direktör Deg EP (2005)

"Going from Jimi Hendrix covers to traditional Scandinavian fiddle music might seem like a giant leap of imagination, but it's exactly what the Swedish duo of Harv has managed. Magnus Stinnerbom and Daniel Sandén-Warg first played together in 1992, when they were 14, while attending a high school for musicians in their hometown of Karlstad. In Harv's very earliest incarnation, Stinnerbom played drums and Sandén-Warg guitar, as they jammed on old Hendrix songs, aiming to be rock stars. The idea of moving to traditional music came a year later. Stinnerbom had grown up with the music, his father having been a fiddle player with the seminal Swedish folk band Groupa, and when he finally played some of the old sounds for his friend, Sandén-Warg was an instant convert. However, it would still be a while before the pair appeared in public. Their debut as Harv (which translates as "harrow") came in 1996, when they provided the music for a production of Hamlet by the Västanå Theatre, and their eponymous first CD arrived a year later." (From the group's iTunes page)

01 | Direktör Deg
02 | Raggarvals (Yobbowaltz)
03 | Mor Åse (from Peer Gynt)
04 | Hälihövve (Live)
05 | Sviten (Live)

Availability: The EP can be purchased used and the first two tracks are on the Polka Raggioso album.  There is no MP3 version available of the last three tracks in the U.S.

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