Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This blog is intended for trial purposes only.  Please consider purchasing the music contained herein if it is available in your country.

This blog is (intended to be) updated every one to two weeks.  If it has been longer than three or four weeks and you are eager for another update, please message me or comment.  I may become too busy to update of my own volition, but I will always try to update in a timely fashion if requested to do so.

I am not a particularly wordy person where music is concerned, nor am I blessed with the time to hunt for and compile information regarding most of the artists/albums I will post.  In most cases I will provide the bare bones of information: album covers if I can find them and general album information (including track listings, in case the tags do not transfer properly).  I will attempt to provide more information upon request.  As the name indicates, I intend to post primarily Scandinavian folk music, although I may occasionally branch out to other genres or branches of folk music.

Once I have my music list up, I will welcome requests for anything you are curious to try.


  1. Good luck with this Blog!!! Regards from Argentina.

  2. Great blog! Looking forward to the music by Ahlberg, Ek and Roswall! Fantastic musicians but haven't heard their albums yet. :)

  3. A wonderful blog! I have been collecting Scandinavian trad music for many years, but recently had a misfortune of having a backup drive ad a main drive dying within a day from each other, before I had a chance to get the data secure. I still have SOME of the CDs, but many are gone--and restoring my collection to what it once was is going to take some time. In the meantime, your blog will be of great help--it has several jewels that I am unable to find otherwise, or just quickly enough. Thank you!

  4. ¡grandioso blog!¡ojalá siga creciendo!